Kris Abel is a specialist in explaining and reviewing new technology for large audiences. He is a host on CTV’s popular weekly programme App Central, makes regular contributions to CTV’s national and local news broadcasts, and delivers weekly reports on CJAD Radio and Channel 12 television.

Kris pilots a simulation of the Wright Flyer, Canada AM 2003

Through his long-running role as Canada AM’s weekly tech contributor he helped pioneer the arrival of technology as a national topic for discussion while educating “everyone’s mums and dads” through his numerous appearances on CBS News Radio, CTV News Channel, BNN, CP24,,, CKOM, CKNW, Newstalk 1010, High School Rush, Entertainment Extra, E-Talk Daily, Innerspace, Game Nation,, and AOL Canada.

From the war in Iraq and the Virginia Tech shootings to the protests in Iran and the passing of Michael Jackson, CTV News often entrusts Kris to contribute to serious headline stories that have nothing to do with product launches or web trends.

As a writer and producer Kris has shown a confidence in experimenting with the visual medium of television, often arranging for playful (and potentially dangerous) stunts to explain his concepts. His use of dangerous animals, elaborate costumes, hi-tech effects, and his even his own body as review tools has presented a sincere enthusiasm which audiences have responded to.

Kris encourages a young lion to use an iPad, App Central 2011


Personal History

Kris was born in Toronto, the son of an electrical and mechanical engineer. Computers were a new innovation during his childhood and his first experiences with the technology involved learning to program on a PET computer and navigating the world’s phone lines with a Commodore 64. With the arrival of the internet he helped launch a website devoted to video games (he had played them since their beginning) and from there gained the attention to work for as a web writer and for Game Nation as a television producer. His first appearance on CTV quickly followed.

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  1. February 15, 2012 at 8:36 am

    Hi Kris, I saw you on the news last night and thought you might be able to help me or perhaps know someone who can. I met this person on and he has scammed me for $110,000. I am so embarrased and feel like such a stupid fool. Do you get into solving puzzles like this? I doubt I will ever recover my money but would get satisfaction to let him know that I have his true identity.
    Thank you!

    • February 15, 2012 at 4:43 pm

      Hi Wendy,

      Sorry to hear that you’ve crossed paths with such an individual. Considering the high dollar amount involved the best course of action is to contact the police, even if there may be something about the situation that you feel may implicate you (most scams at this level have an element designed to make you feel or seem criminally guilty, so that you won’t contact the police after the trap has been sprung). I don’t have the resources to assist you in what would be a complex investigation nor can I point you to anyone in the media who would. Again, my feeling is that contacting the authorities is your best bet.
      Here’s a list of tips from the RCMP’s Cyber Crime Unit:

      I hope you get a resolution.


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