Video game creators Emma Westecott & Samantha Stahlke, Astronaut Jeremy Hansen

Spirit, a video game of possession and platform puzzles, won Best Technical Achivement at this year’s Level Up! student showcase. We’re joined by Lead Programmer Samantha Stahlke to discuss her UOIT team’s win.

The organizer of Level Up!, Dr. Emma Westecotte is an assistant Professor of game design at OCAD in partnership with UofT as well the producer of Douglas Adams’ Starship Titanic.

Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen shares his experience with us leading students through a simulated Mission To Mars at the Ontario Science Centre and we hear from one of the students, 17 year-old Lina Katwaroo.

We also play a clip of The Ark VR, an experience involving the last three Northern White Rhinoceroses and efforts to preserve their DNA.…most-endangered

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