GoDaddy VP Jill Schoolenberg, Twitch Creative, Russian Women On The Moon

This week Kris Abel introduces What She Said’s Christine Bentley, Sharon Caddy, and Kate Wheeler to…

GoDaddy’s expansion into Canada brings new women in tech leadership roles such as Vice President Jill Schoolenberg who discusses with us issues on #WomenInTech and her past experience working for Microsoft.

We also check out the advantages for crafty types with Twitch.TV’s new Creative Channel and how you can use it for help and inspiration with painting, knitting, scultping, and other creative projects.

Check out artist KeonoReeves

As Russia announces a crewed Moon landing mission for 2029, they send an all-women crew of six potential candidates into an 8-day simulation craft here on Earth. We ask just how much of the stunt is propaganda and political posturing and how much of it might actually result in seeing more female astronauts.

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