Metro Reviews: The Order: 1886, Alto’s Adventure, Pry

Here’s my Metro News reviews for the week of Feb. 23rd

By Danny Cannizzaro & Samantha Gorman
Two Stars

Pry asks you to read between its lines by opening tears within its pages that reveal passages of text, hidden videos, and sentences encoded with braille. It’s an intentionally disjointed way of recounting the Gulf War experiences of demolitions expert James who is left to sort his traumatic memories in triggered flashes. The result is very creative, but confusing too.


Free/$39.99 sub.

Slow-motion videos offer excellent instruction in this equipment-free, community-driven workout series focusing on strength, endurance, and running. A weekly subscription is needed to unlock a digital coach for all exercises.


Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet

Explore our Canadian heritage with this collection of historic recipes tested by Parks Canada chefs. You’ll find moose muffle soup, bison stew, and a lovely hedgehog dessert from Fort George.


Alto’s Adventure

You’re chasing after escapee llamas in this gorgeous snowboarding timewaster that features one touch controls, hypnotic music, and the delight of jumping, grinding, and flying between both night and day.


The Order: 1886
PlayStation 4
Rating: Mature 17+
Three Stars

The Order: 1886 is so focused on being an interactive movie it forgets to give equal time to its shoot-outs and brawls in order to still count as a game. The world it creates, in which Arthurian knights chase werewolves across Jack The Ripper’s London streets, is fascinating, and Its Steampunk Tesla inventions, where rifles shoot head-popping arcs of electricity, are delightful. You’re just simply not given enough time to play with either. It’s a promising adventure that simply needs more; more detective work, more action, more exploration, more anything.


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