Metro Reviews: Mozart Project, Thomas Was Alone, Bounden

Here’s my Metro Canada News reviews for the week of May 25th:

The Mozart Project
By James Fairclough & Harry Farnham
Five Stars
A mind-blowing, definitive look at Mozart’s music and genius, this eBook is astonishingly alive with sheet music, letters, paintings, timelines, and child prodigy performances. Seven leading scholars showcase his pianos and violins, his travels and influences, his family relationships and childish glee for “lavatory humour”. There’s hours of music, discussion, and short films, all so very humbling, surprising, and beautiful.



The Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute Workout
Although drab in presentation, this quick workout guide offers clear instruction and custom routines for both strength and flexibility that can be done anywhere using a simple chair for support.


Seafood Watch
Before you order, make sure the restaurant is serving ocean-friendly fish or sushi. This often-updated guide from the Monterey Bay Aquarium lists the status and farming practices for popular species.


In this dancing game choreographed by the Dutch National Ballet, you and a partner grasp your phone and move together to complete entangling puzzles that twirl you through elegant dances.


Thomas Was Alone
PC/Mac/PS3/PS Vita/iPad
Rated: Everyone
4 Stars
Laura is shy and self-conscious after coming off some difficult relationships. John’s height has made him overconfident while little Chris is miserable, but happily so. These aren’t people, but simple, coloured blocks in a puzzle game, and yet thanks to witty narration by Danny Wallace, we can feel their hopes and insecurities as they face death traps and try to learn to work together. This is an ingenious game you play, not for the graphics, but the story. Not to solve puzzles, but simply to see what laughs come next.


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