Metro Reviews: Creativity Inc, Trials Fusion, Windy

Here’s my Metro Canada News reviews for the week of April 21st.

Creativity, Inc.
By Ed Catmull & Amy Wallace
Four Stars
How Pixar learned from their private mishaps to earn a reputation for perfection is a fascinating journey recounted here by co-founder Ed Catmull. He puts you into their discussions and it’s thrilling. An added section shares valuable lessons such as “It’s not the manager’s job to prevent risks, it’s the manager’s job to make it safe for others to take them”.


A creative soundscape for focus and relaxation, Windy combines 3D parallax-view landscapes with stereoscopic audio of caressing winds and rustling leaves. It includes a story, a timer, and hidden unlockables.


Veggie Weekend
Suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and understanding omnivores alike, this collection of 18 recipes inspired by world cuisine is ideal for family gatherings, offering kale burgers, saffron risotto, and holiday dishes.


Foldify Zoo
An educational activity to share with your kids, this papercraft app lets you colour and decorate templates before printing them off and folding them into 3D animals to share online.

Foldify Zoo1

Trials Fusion
PC/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox 360
Rated: Everyone 10+
4 Stars
The challenge is to keep your motocross bike balanced as it hurtles through a series of ludicrous obstacle courses that may start off with cries of exhilaration, but soon transition into comical wails of defeat as you crumble into a neck-breaking demise. Dying repeatedly may sound boring, but simple controls, novelty clothes, and an inventive use of fountains, aerial tracks, and teeter-totter devices keep it interesting. Casual users, unfortunately, are too quickly left behind when air grabs are added as the difficulty skyrockets, becoming a diversion for hardcore gamers only.


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