Metro Reviews – Cinefex, George Harrison’s Guitars, Best Ceasar, Tearaway

Here’s my reviews from Metro News for the week of Feb. 3rd.


By Don Shay & Jody Duncan


Four Stars

A journal of behind-the-scenes movie magic, Cinefex get their hands on the extras you won’t find on any DVD and the photographs that obsessive fans drool over. Going digital has actually lowered their price from $15 to $5 while adding how-they-did-it videos and interactive galleries. The current issue is a fascinating reveal of what kept Sandra Bullock afloat in Gravity.






A vengeful, talking computer monitors your weight loss in this darkly comedic fitness parody. Each day you type in your weight, CARROT reacts with outlandish insults and playful effects. Hilarious.


The Best Caesar



This is just one recipe, passed down from father to son, and presented with meticulous devotion across sixty beautiful step-by-step pages. Gift-wrapped with confidence, a shopping list, and a story.


The Guitar Collection: George Harrison



George Harrison’s guitars are captured in beautiful detail as 360 degree scans in this fascinating tour that includes the origins of each, the songs they played, and rare, archival footage.




PlayStation Vita

Rated: Everyone

Four Stars

Tearaway is a world of construction sheets and paper curls, of aluminum foils and glues and scissors, where because you can poke your fingers into it using touchscreens you can fold and tear a path through its adventure. Draw a snowflake and it becomes the snow drifting on the wind. A picture taken with your camera becomes an elk’s fur. There are monster fights and puzzles, yes, but as activities geared towards those who love arts & crafts. It’s a strange, unpredictable, whimsical adventure that feels like a papercraft hobby.


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