Hey All You Zombies!! Is Now Available On iTunes & Mixcloud

I’ve had a lot of requests to bring our weekly podcast to iTunes. Once a week film critic Richard Crouse and I meet on YouTube (using Google+) to discuss obsessions with movies, games, and music. Viewers have pointed out that an additional audio-only version of the show would make it easier to keep up with the hour-long episodes and so I’m happy to offer up two choices:


On iTunes Hey All You Zombies!! is an enhanced podcast. You can download episodes to take them wherever you like and still images from the series will display in the Album Art feature to match the topics being discussed.

On Mixcloud Hey All You Zombies!! is a streaming audio podcast with chapters that divide our episodes by topics so that if you don’t have the time for the full hour you can skip ahead to the chats that interest you most.

We’re very grateful to all you zombie lovers for following the series and hope this keeps you in the group.